5,000 Question Survey 3.0 (5000questionsur) wrote,
5,000 Question Survey 3.0

Part Fourty-Eight

4601. What do you think of rappers who talk about raping and killing their mother?

4602. Are you art?

4603. Do you think that most writers musicians and artists make art or lve art?

What would you prefer them do?

4604. Iraq is destroying it's missles and the white house is still not happy. Why not?

4605. Do you find americans to be a very sterile and emotionless people?

4606. What do we talk about when we talk about love?

4607. Would you write a ong about how horrible your mom is in order to sell more records?

Why would anyone want to hear that anyway?

4608. Do you think that eminem is genuine or doing it all for show (even his mom says it's all for show)?

4609. Should juveniles be tried as adults if they commit murder?

4610. Should there be laws to restrict breeding?

Should the laws include getting a high score on an iq test?

Should the laws include proving that you can/will be able to provide care and support for the child?/

Should the laws include a background check to determine whether you will be a fit parent?

4611. Would you/have you ever committed statutory rape (had sex with someone 17 or younger while you were 18 or older)?

4612. Do you believe that Mcdonald's should be held responsible for it's customer's obesity?

4613. Did you know that 1/2 of american adults read at an 8th grade level or below (I just saw it on foxnews)?

What do you think of this?

4614. Do you drink tea with honey?

4615. Do bees and wasps terrify you?

4616. How do you decide what to say and do when someone puts the spotlight on you?

4617. Are you more muddy or clean??

4618. If conciousness could speak what would it say?

4619. Is Leslie a good name for a man?

4620. Why do men feel they have the right to look woman up and down?

4621. Are you pristine?

4621. Do you want to blind people with your wet-look lipgloss?

Guys, do you like to be blinded by super shiney wet-look lip gloss?

4622. How many years is too big of an age difference for a couple?

4623. What would the worst name be to have?

4624. China and France are both opposed to war with Iraq. What do you think of this?

4625. What do you think about the Turkish parliment not allowing American troops to set up camp in Turkey?

4626. What country is the most generous about foreign aid?

What country is the least generous?

4627. Who's the sexiest ghostbuster?

4628. Are you a humanitarian?

4629. Have you ever seen the Tommy and Pamela Anderson honeymoon sex video?

Do you think it was meant to be private or a publicity stunt?

4630. Are you a cat expert?

4631. Go Go Gadget:

4632. What's your idea of fun?

4633. At what age will you panic about feeling old?

4634. It's you and ___ against the world.

4635. Are you the keymaster or the gatekeeper?

4636. When is the end of the world going to be?

4637. Write your own theme song now:

4638. Do you yell at the tv when the news disturbs you?

4639. Is society too sick to survive?

4640. Have you ever been involved ina ritual?

4641. What the hell do YOU want?????

4642. Have you seen finnian's rainbow?

What would you have done?

4643. Weezer's best album is:


4644. Fast food of choice is for you:

4645. What song is in your head RIGHT NOW!!!??

4646. Is this a magic monet?

Of course it is.

4647. A theme song you hate is:

4648. What words can you come up with by anagraming your name?

4649. Are you a magician?

4650. What kind of waffles suit you best?

4651. It's the olden days and your father is going to drive all the way from the big city. He wants to bring something back for you. What do you ask him for?

4652. Have you ever watched Little House on the Prarie?

4653. How did Columbus discover America when people were already living here?

Didn't They discover it?

4654. How far can you spit?

4655. What drinks do you know how to mix?

4656. What does the perfect engagement ring look like?

4657. How do you feel about arranged marriages?

4658. Do you talk to angels?

4659. What are you worried bout?

4660. How often do you touch people in conversations?

4661. Do you read in bed?

4662. How many sick days in a row do you take off from school or work?

4663. There are three nursery schools. Nursery school one has children sit together around tables. It emphasizes group play. It has building blocks that are very large, so large that it takes two or more children to lift them, in order to teach working together. It is moderately decorated and encourages the imagination by providing less materials for the children. There is one teacher per classroom and the teacher likes to allow the children to work out their own problems.

Nursery school two has many materials for the children and is brightly colored and decorated. There are two teachers per class and the teachers activly intervene between the children. There are different stations (painting, blocks, etc) and the children are encouraged to make choices about what they like to do and don't like to do.

Nursery school three emphasizes schedualed activities. The children sit in rows and must work alone, relying on themselves. Everything is very organized and structured. The children wear bright clothing, and are taught to memorize stories and songs. If the parents both work, this school offers whole care, which means the child can stay overnight a few days a week.

Which school would you send your (possibly hypothetical) children to?

4664. Each of those nursery schools is in a different country. Which one is in the United States?

Which one is in Japan?

What country is the last nursery school in?

4665. What hour is your most creative time of day?

4666. Does sleeping feel more satisfying when all of your work is done or when there's something else you should be doing?

4667. Here's a dollar. Put three songs on the juke box.

4668. Do you refer to teenagers as 'kids' yet?

4669. What is one thing you thought was the end of the world when you were a teenager (or if you are a teenager name something you thought was the end of the world 5 years ago)?

What do you think of this thing now?

4670. Are americans uptight about sex?

Are you?

4671. What boredgames are in your closet?

4672. What movie quote sticks out in your mind (don't tell what movie it's from, let us guess)?

4673. What is the weirdest song you've Ever found yourself enjoying?

4674. Look in your history book. Who would you fuck?

4675. A man in the reserves is being called off to war. He wants to defend his country but he finds that his 1 year old child needs a heart transplant. In his shoes would you stay and care for your child or go and defend your country?

4676. Is gone with the wind

an accurate movie:

agood movie:

4677. What is your salvation?

What will it take you to acieve it?

4678. Is alcohol the water of life?

4679. Name a friend of the opposite sex:

He or she tells you that he or she has always had a crush on you. Your reaction:

4680. Name one of your same sex friends:

He or she tells you that he or she is gay. Your reaction:

Then he or she tells you he or she has always had a crush on you. Your reaction:

4681. What was the difference between your reaction to the same sex and the different sex friend?

Why the difference of reactions?

4682. Where could you go that would be so incredible you would no longer be able to come back to the life you live here and now?

4683. What is the main problem you have with yourself?

4684. When did you wish you could disappear?

4685. Why is it that we call poor-average people crazy and rich people eccentric?

4686. Is rain on your wedding day a good example of irony?

Can you think of a good example of irony?

4687. What have you recently changed your mind about?

4688. What is one thing you won't allow yourself to have?

4689. What would you say if Brad Pitt married Rosie O'Donnell?

What about if Catherine Zeta Jones married Drew Carrey?

4690. Name something that there is no wrong way to do:

4691. If you and your partner could choose which of you would carry the baby (yes even the male would be able to carry it) who would your vote be for?

4692. If men could get pregnent would abortion become much more acceptable do you think?

4693. When and where have you felt most comfortable being nude?

4694. What subject do you know the most about?

Tell us something interesting about it.

4695. What is the longest time you have gone between orgasms?

4696. What is the least amount of money you would have to have in order to consider yourself rich?

4697. What words have others used to describe you?

4698. What is the most extreme thing you would do/have done to alter your appearance?

Why did you/would you do it?

4699. What is the least amount of money you would accept to never have sex again?

4700. What has been the hardest secret to keep?
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