July 2nd, 2006

Any comments about this survey?

Hey guys, this isn't an actual post, as far as there are not any questions from the survey. Thanks for responding ;) I'm here to give you all what you'd like to see as questions and take any critism or ideas you all may have.

The survey is not set in stone, I am open to suggestions about changes that nead to be made. I would especially appreciate input about the following things:

Where is the most room for improvement?

Do a lot of questions confuse or bore you?

Do a lot of questions seem pointless?

Have you found a lot of repeats?

Is the spelling and grammar at least decent, if not good?

So far are there any topics that are over or under represented?

Are there any kinds of questions you particularly like or don't like?

Is the survey too gender biased?

Is the survey too culturally biased (like are there too many questions you can only answer if you are an american)?

Is the survey too age biased (obviously written for a certain age group so that people outside of that agegroup get a lot of questions that don't apply to them)?

Have you noticed any other biases the survey displays?

Are there too many obscure refferences, or too many obvious ones?

What would make this survey more enjoyable for you?

Is anyone interested in helping to improve the survey by reading over the questions and writing notes in the relevent entries pointing out "problem" questions (too boring, obscure, biased, repetative, or whatever)? Even if you just did it a little at a time it would help me a lot. If you decide to do this please a)leave the note in the entry with the question you are commenting on b)have the question number in the note. If any of you guys actually goes through the survey and does this, start to finish (or latest installment), I'll come up with a nice way to thank you, like making a special entry about you with a link to your diary.