5,000 Question Survey 3.0 (5000questionsur) wrote,
5,000 Question Survey 3.0

Part Fourteen

1301. Can “what you don't know” actually hurt you?

1302. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

1303. What people or objects would you describe as “pure”?

1304. Are you into bookcrossing (If you aren’t sure, check out www.bookcrossing.com)?

1305. Have you ever had a pen pal?

1306. Have you ever had a package pal (same as a pen pal but you send each other surprise gifts instead of letters)?

1307. Is there a particular word or phrase that annoys you?

1308. Is there an online game you like to play?

1309. What group of people is the most discriminated against in your opinion or experience?

1310. What do you like best about bras and underwear?

1311. Are you afraid of living in oblivion?

1312. Before you were born you got to pick your life from one of these. Which do you pick?

You are successful from the start, a musical genius, good looking, wealthy. You become a rock tar, get super famous, make your mark on the world and die at 27.

You are caring and compassionate. You love animals and adopt more and more as you grow older. You foster and nurture and care for them all of your life.

You sit home playing video games for 70 years.

1313. What is broken in your:







1314. Which one will you fix first?

1315. Tell me all your thoughts on god:

1316. What is the strangest note you've ever received?

1317. Of the following how many can be used to get in touch with you?



Voice mail


Cell phone

Snail mail

1318. Are you always available/easy to reach, or do you give people a chance to miss you?

1319. If you got pregnant or impregnated the person you are with now (hypothetical if there is no one in your life just now) would you lean more towards keeping, adopting out, or aborting the baby?

1320. If your partner in the pregnancy did not agree with how you felt and pressured you to change your mind or just went ahead with what he or she wanted to do against your wishes, would that affect your ability to continue your relationship with this person?

1321. Who should have the final say in the decision to have a baby, the woman or the man?

1322. If your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you for the first time, do you forgive him or her and take him or her back?

1323. What if it is your husband or wife that cheats on you?

1324. Who is more responsible for educating children, parents or schools?

1325. Are you into new age things?

1326. Are you very:



High strung?





1327. Do you perceive reality differently from others?


1328. If you asked someone, “Do you masturbate?” and he or she says, “No,” would you assume he or she was lying?

1329. What do you blame things on?

1330. Do you want to be naked and famous?

1331. Ice Cube or LL Cool J?

1332. What are your feelings about rap music?

1333. Cypress Hill or Roxy Music?

BSB or N'sync or NKOTB?

Debbie Gibson or Paula Abdul?

Eminem or Kid Rock?

Weezer or the Get Up Kids?

1334. If you could solve just one of the world's problems what would you choose to solve?

1335. Would you make a good:


Visual artist?





Waiter or waitress?

Veterinary assistant?

Office manager?

Stage manager?

Actor or actress?

Sales girl or guy?

Pizza delivery girl or guy?

Film director?

Business man or woman?



Fire man or woman?


1336. Do you check condoms to see if they are expired before using them?

1337. Imagine you are in school and a person of the opposite sex you barely know asks you really nicely for a ride home from class (yes, you have a car). It's out of your way. Do you say yes?

Let's say you said yes. S/he hugs you. What is your reaction?

As you drop him or her off s/he hugs you again and thanks you for being such a nice person. What do you make of all this?

1338. Are you interested in post-apocalyptic (post-nuclear war) movies?

1339. What is the saddest movie you ever saw?

1340. What is the saddest thought you can think of?

1341. Who is the most horrible driver you know?

1342. Are you a sexist in any way?

1343. How often do you check your email?

1344. How often do you check your diary for notes?

1345. If you had to read a biography about someone, who would you pick?

1346. Which of your friends and relatives has the most interesting life story?

1347. What's the matter with kids today?

1348. How do you feel about censorship?

1349. What was on the last CD you burned?

1350. What movie should be released on DVD but hasn’t been released yet?

1351. Have you ever wished for wings that work?

1352. Have you ever imagined that you are not really of this world?

1353. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?

1354. Do you still have imaginary friends?

1355. Do you enjoy reading children’s books?

1356. Are you decadent?

1357. What would make you happy that money cannot buy?

1358. What would make you happy that money can buy?

1359. Where do you hang out on your spare time?

1360. Do you delight in minor euphoria?

1361. It's (what time is it?) ______.

Do you know where your:

Mom is?

Dad is?

First boyfriend or girlfriend is?

Boy or girlfriend is?

Best friend is?

Soul mate is?

Wallet is?

1362. Who do you feel sorry for?

1363. What will you never say in front of your parents?

1364. Do you change your personality and behavior depending on who you are with?

1365. Are you waiting for marriage to lose your virginity?

1366. What year were you born?

1367. What is your sign?

1368. What year did you/will you graduate from high school?

1369. Do you use moisturizer?

1370. On what parts of your body?

1371. Are the 70's back in style?

1372. Do you read any magazines?

1373. Do you read before going to sleep at night?

1374. Are you a music maker?

1375. Are you a dreamer of the dreams?

1376. How do you feel about large corporations?

1377. How do you feel about people who are, “just doing their job”?

1378. Which would you watch of these choices:

Pitch black

The mummy

Pretty woman

1380. About what percent of the time do you feel good about yourself?

1381. Do you feel comfortable with other people (in social situations)?

1382. Do you have good friends/family relationships?

1383. How do you control your tension and anxiety?

1384. Are you able to meet the demands of life and function in society?

1385. Do you curb your feelings of hatred and guilt?

1386. Do you maintain a positive outlook?

1387. Does knowing you enrich the lives of others?

1388. What things do you cherish?

1389. To what extent do you value diversity?

1390. What fascinates you?

1391. Do you appreciate nature?

1392. If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?

1393. Would you ever consider 'psychic surgery' if you were ill?

How about voodoo?

Herbal remedies?

1394. How effective do you feel meditation is?

1395. How effective do you feel prayer is?

1396. How do you think that you (or anyone, for that matter) could pray without ceasing?

1397. Is religion a live option for you (that is, a possibility, something you are drawn to even if you have no belief)?

1398. What part of your body do you lavish the least attention and love on?

1399. How many clocks are in your house?

1400. What topics would you like to see more of on this survey?
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